A Note to my email subscribers

First of all, thank you! It’s really wonderful to have an audience for the work I’m doing. I hope that you have been enjoying the writing and finding the content useful.

As you may notice from the slight change in format, I’ve switched the software I’m using to send out these emails from Feedburner to Mailchimp. From now on, you shouldn’t get anything from Feedburner. If there’s any issues with this, let me know at dearsportsfan@gmail.com. My goal is to eventually offer more options: full text or digest and daily or weekly at least. I’m also going to try to split out the morning Cue Cards from everything else so that you can get those before work every day if you’d like.

Again, thanks so much for subscribing. I’m working on lots of exciting new features, so watch out for that in the next couple months. Until then, keep your ear to the grindstone and please, forward this to your friends and family who are or who live with a sports fan!


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