Dear Sports Fan is an advice column for people who live with people who live for sports.

It is written by a small group of sports fans who are concerned about our sports skeptic loved ones for a couple of reasons. First of all, you have to deal with us! We know that to someone who is not into sports grappling with sports fans can be a strange, frustrating, experience. We hope that by providing a forum for your questions about sports fans we can help transform that frustration to tolerance to understanding to appreciation. We may [gasp] even turn some of you into fans in your own right.

Despite our passion for sports, we are not zealots. Our goal is not to convert you to what often seems like our national religion. However, there’s no escaping that sports is an important common language in society today. Whether you are sitting in a bar or a boardroom, you will be confronted by conversations about sports and it’s often very useful to be able to engage in them. We want to get you to be able to speak sports as a second language — and we promise to teach you things more useful than the classic ESL “I want to buy some cheese and some meat.”

Whatever your goal for learning to live in better harmony with sports, ours is to relate, explain, and translate to help you reach it.

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