What happened on Wednesday, November 13, 2014

  1. A furious friendly: Mexican soccer fans got the revenge they were waiting for by beating the Netherlands 3-2 in a wild soccer game. There was a loud section of Mexican fans who had made the trip to Amsterdam bearing signs with the slogan “No ay penal” referring to the controversial penalty kick awarded to the Netherlands in this past summer’s World Cup. Beating the Netherlands in an exhibition game may be weak revenge but its revenge nonetheless.
    Line: If Mexico had played that aggressively in the World Cup, they wouldn’t have been victimized by a penalty call. They would have won by three goals.
  2. More revenge in hockey: The two national games yesterday both featured teams that have played each other recently in dramatic, seven game playoff series. In both the games, the team which had lost in the playoffs won yesterday. The Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Boston Bruins 6-1 and the Anaheim Ducks beat the Los Angeles Kings 6-5 in overtime.
    Line: Revenge is a dish best served cold. You know, like on ice… get it? get it?
  3. The NBA takes a trip to Mexico: The National Basketball Association held a regular season game in Mexico City lat night between the Houston Rockets and the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Rockets won 113-101 and it should probably be no surprise that one of the most brand conscious NBA players, Dwight Howard, had a big game. Howard has been criticized for being too happy-go-lucky but it’s hard to criticize him at all when he scores 22 points and gets 10 rebounds.
    Line: Somehow when the NBA plays a game internationally it doesn’t seem like a gimmick the way it does when the NFL does it.

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