What happened on Monday, January 5, 2015?

  1. Canada Juniors win gold: The Canadian Juniors National team captured the gold medal (did they lay a trap?) on home ice last night with a 5-4 victory over Russia. It was the first time since 2009 that Canada had won this competition, which is a long drought in a country that takes it so seriously. Apparently the World Junior Championships is treated as seriously in Canada as the College Football National Championships or March Madness is treated in the United States.
    Line: Sometimes it’s more exciting to watch slightly unpolished young players than it is to watch the very best.
  2. An unstable night for the Thunder: The Oklahoma City Thunder lost 91-117 to the Golden State Warriors just hours after rumors of a trade involving them spread throughout the Twitterverse. There are more people and draft picks involved, but basically the Thunder get former Cavalier Dion Waiters, the Cavaliers get former Knicks J. R. Smith and Iman Shumpert, and the Knicks… well, the Knicks are expected to waive all the players they picked up in the trade, so the only thing you can say is that the Knicks get to save a bunch of money.
    Line: Did you know that all three teams involved in the trade lost last night? It’s hard to concentrate when there’s so many rumors buzzing around.
  3. Close game and more ahead: Neither side of the Notre Dame vs. North Carolina game get to relax after the 71-70 Notre Dame victory. Notre Dame’s next game is against number three ranked Virginia and North Carolina’s next game is against number five ranked Louisville. Expect more of the same high quality, nerve-wracking play in those games.
    Line: No rest for the very good at basketball!

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