Sports Forecast for Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Here’s another written sports forecast from my hotel room in Montreal. My voice is gone from screaming so much at the big game last night. More on that later though. For today, the big game is littler than yesterday’s big game but it’s still interesting. At 7 p.m. tonight on Fox Sports 1, Japan and England play in the other semifinal of the women’s World Cup for the right to play the United States in the finals. Five Thirty Eight┬ánow has the United States as a 70/30 favorite over the winner of this game, so hopefully it won’t matter to the overall outcome of the tournament, but one never knows. Japan was a big underdog in the last World Cup championship game four years ago and ended up upsetting a similar U.S. team.

Other than soccer, there’s a good bit of Wimbledon tennis on in the morning on ESPN. There’s also a full slate of 15 major league baseball games on, so watch your local team! Have a great day!

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