Stanley Cup Popcorn, an Explosive Hockey Gift

Hockey’s championship trophy, the Stanley Cup, is the best trophy in sports. It’s giant, it’s shiny, and it reeks of tradition. In our post about why people like hockey we wrote that the summer after players win the cup:

“each player gets a day with the cup. They can take it to their home town, take it to their favorite vacation spot, to visit a hospital, or a bar… they drink champagne from it or eat cereal. Some have slept with it in their beds.”

According to Wikipedia, one of hockey’s oldest traditions “dictates that the winning team drink champagne from the top bowl after their victory.” They claim that players have been doing this since 1896 when the Winnipeg Victorias gulped down some celebratory bubbly.

Now you can get give the hockey fan in your life the thrill of their life every night with the NHL League Logo Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker. For full disclosure, this Stanley Cup is not actually authentic, but a precedent for popcorn was set in 2000 when New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur took the Cup to the movies with his family, filled the cup with popcorn, and went to town!

I see no reason why you and a loved one shouldn’t sip champagne from the top while you share some popcorn from the bottom!

Thanks to our friends at Yahoo’s Puck Daddy for this amazing gift idea.

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