What happened on December 1, 2014?

  1. Jets continue their almost winning ways: It sure seems like a disproportionate number of prime-time National Football League games this season have either been good looking matchups that turned into blowouts or lopsided matchups that turned into close games. Whatever I expect doesn’t happen. Or maybe I just don’t notice it when it does? I expected last night’s game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets to be an easy game for the Dolphins. It wasn’t — the Jets hung in the game for a long time but couldn’t overcome their bad quarterback play from Geno Smith.
    Line: Having a bad quarterback is a shame because it almost invalidates the talent and effort of the other 52 players on the team.
  2. 76ers flirting with history: The Philadelphia 76ers lost last night to the San Antonio Spurs at Philadelphia 76ers. This was no surprise. The Spurs are the defending National Basketball League champions and the 76ers are flirting with becoming the worst team in league history. This was Philadelphia’s 17th loss in a row. One more and they will tie the Brooklyn Nets record for most losses to start the season.
    Line: Even with Duncan and Ginobili sitting out of the game, the Spurs didn’t find it too difficult to beat the 76ers.
    What’s Next: The 76ers play Wednesday at Minnesota with a chance to tie the Nets record for futility at the start of a season.
  3. Close game in the NHL – We thought the Boston Bruins game in Anaheim against the  Anaheim Ducks last night was going to be a good game between closely matched teams and it was. The Ducks won the game 3-2 but it really could have gone either way. Anaheim got a great game from goalie Frederick Andersen who saved all eleven shots against him during Bruins power plays and improved his record to 11 wins, four losses, and four overtime losses.
    Line: The Ducks played just a little bit better than the Bruins last night. No big lesson there, just a regular season game.

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