What happened on Wednesday, January 21, 2015?

  1. Barcelona gets the last laugh: As an impartial observer of this game, Barcelona had the better of the play for most of the game and therefore had my support. Then there was a five minute period when they felt they were not getting the calls they deserved from the ref. In complaining they incurred his wrath and received two or three yellow cards. They must also have incurred his sympathy or at least instilled a belief that they were being unfairly persecuted because not more than five minutes later, they got a penalty kick on a pretty soft foul. Lionel Messi put the ball in on the rebound and Barcelona won 1-0.
    Line: Barcelona won and they should have won but I don’t like the way they won.
  2. Pittsburgh scrambles back but loses in the end: The Pittsburgh Penguins lost their fourth game in a row to the Chicago Blackhawks 3-2 after losing in the shootout that follows tied games in the NHL after an additional five minutes of overtime play. The Blackhawks got out to a two goal lead before letting the Penguins scramble back into the game with two goals of their own. The NHL takes a break now until Sunday’s All-Star game.
    Line: No team needs this break more than the Penguins do.
  3. Excellent basketball scheduling by ESPN: ESPN had two games to televise last night and they were both excellent. The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Washington Wizards 105-103 in overtime. The close game was overshadowed somewhat by the awkward wooing of the Thunder’s best player, Kevin Durant, by the home team, the Wizards. Durant will be a free agent after next year and is rumored to be considering playing in Washington D.C., close to where he grew up. The Golden State Warriors continued their reign of baskets with a 126-113 win over the Houston Rockets in a game that will be remembered at least as much for it’s heat as its scoring.
    Line: Great doubleheader last night. Perfect time to grab a big bowl of popcorn and plant yourself in front of the TV.
  4. More favorites fall in Australia: The Australian Open never seems to be a great place for favorites and last night was no different. Gael Monfils fell in five sets to 6’8″ Jerzy Janowicz. Australian Samantha Stosur lost to American Coco Vandeweghe much to the home crowd’s dismay, and Caroline Wozniaki lost in straight sets to Victoria Azarenka.
    Line: I always root for Americans in international competitions but it’s still a little sad when the home country’s best player gets eliminated.

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