What happened on Monday, January 26, 2015?

  • One of Goliath’s early matches: The thing is… until David, Goliath had a pretty good record, I’m guessing. That’s how the F.A. Cup match between Stoke City and Rochdale worked out. Stoke City won, 4-1.
    Line: I guess this is the flip-side of the heroic F.A. cup underdogs — sometimes they are just outclassed.
  • The rare weather-delayed basketball games: The Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks canceled home games last night because of the snow storm.
    Line: HAHAHA the snow storm must be a basketball fan… HAHAHA.
  • Carolina Blue over Orange:  You know you’ve got some classic teams (or political correctness) when you can easily refer to a color and it identifies the team. The North Carolina men’s basketball team beat a short-handed Syracuse Orange handily last night. The final score was 93-83. Syracuse had to play two players for the complete game because of injuries and despite creating 20 turnovers, did not have enough to upset the North Carolina team.
    Line: I’d like to see these teams play again when both are at full strength.
  • Australian Open gets serious: We’re now in the quarterfinal round of the Australian Open. This is the part where ranked players start inevitably knocking each other out of the tournament. Last night Rafael Nadal and Australian phenom Nick Kyrgios as well as Simona Halep and Eugenie Bouchard were eliminated from contention.
    Line: Oh no! Nadal/Krygios/Halep/Bouchard lost!! Darn!

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