Two fans: Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks

I recently wrote posts for all 32 NFL teams, detailing what is special about each team. When I posted the articles on the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks, two fans began to squabble on Twitter. They were Brian Reich, a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, and Doug Weinbrenner, a Kansas City Chiefs fan. I took the opportunity of asking them to be on a podcast to tell me more about themselves and their favorite teams. Here is what they said.

What do people assume about you because you’re a ____ fan?

  • That I wear bad Zubaz pants and that my team will always lose in the playoffs
  • That I’m a fair weather fan who started rooting for the Seahawks during the past five years

What do you assume about other fans of your team?

  • That they are a life-long Seattle resident, and therefore nicer and more well balanced than other fans.
  • That they are year-round, die-hard fans.

What are some thing you do to rile the other person up about football?

  • Brian kills with kindness. Sends celebratory notes when something goes well for the Chiefs. Of course, this bugs Doug more than if Brian had done the opposite.
  • Doug has thin skin as a Chiefs fan, so he tends to punch back even when no punches are thrown. Clings to small victories, like the Chiefs win over the Seahawks in the regular season last year, and the current stadium noise World Record.

What’s one way that following your team has changed your attitude about the rest of life?

  • Doug uses tons of sports analogies in his professional life

Fill in the blank questions:

Winning is great, but when my team loses, _____.

  • I’m curled in a corner, unable to perform basic life functions.
  • My children hide.

____ is my favorite time of the week during football season.

  • Any day ending in “y”
  • Monday – because as much as enjoy watching the games, it can be very stressful. There’s something nice about stepping away from the emotion and processing what happened.

People should root for my team because ____.

  • The Seahawks are the most interesting franchise.
  • The Chiefs were one of the few teams that gave birth to football as we know it today.

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